MI Scholarships

The Janine Murphy Foundation Scholarship

Financial support for skills development

In September 2010, Chairman Mr. Jin Roy Ryu, the President and Chairman of Poongsan Corporation announced the establishment of the Janine Murphy Foundation to enhance skills of apprentices in the Mint Industry.

Mrs Janine Murphy was the Chief Executive Officer of Royal Australian Mint and Vice-President of MDC. She died in September 2009 after suffering from a long term illness. Mrs Murphy had a true passion for the Royal Australian Mint and the Mint Industry, in particular, a strong passion for learning and education. She was very much loved in the minting community because of this passion and commitment, which also had an integral part in the Royal Australian Mint having the opportunity to host the 26th Mint Directors Conference in Canberra, ACT.

The Janine Murphy Foundation (JMF) will support one apprentice or equivalent marketing staff member from a Mint to enhance his/her skills once in every two years. The Foundation will be financed by Poongsan Corporation and will support the program for at least 10 years.

JMF will announce the successful application biannually at every Mint Directors Conference. The first and the second successful applications were announced during the 27th MDC in Vienna in 2012 and 28th MDC in Mexico in 2014 respectively. The third successful application was announced at the 29th MDC in Bangkok in 2016.

JMF members:

  • President of Poongsan (Chair)
  • President of MDC
  • Vice-President of MDC

2020 Scholarship Guidelines

Scholarship Value

JMF will make a financial contribution of up to US$10,000.00 to pursue study or research in another country, particularly in collaboration with another official Mint. It is expected that the employing Mint will make a similar contribution to support its own staff.


Anticipated Timetable

Applications Open 6 December 2019
Applications Close 31 January 2020
Recommendation 14 February 2020
Executive Decision 28 February 2020
Winner Notification 6 March 2020
Winner Announcement MDC April 2020


Depending on the proposed study/research the duration could be between 4 weeks and 13 weeks. In extraordinary cases the duration could be extended. It is the responsibility of the successful apprentice to negotiate the exact duration with the host organisation.


Non-disclosure Agreement

The successful applicant is expected to sign a non-disclosure agreement with the host Mint before the proposed placement.


Security Clearance

Depending on the requirement of the host Mint, the successful applicant may be required to undergo a security clearance process by the host Mint.



All apprentices or equivalent marketing staff under the age of 40 from all Mints in the world are eligible to submit a proposal to further pursue a career in the field of minting. The proposal needs to be endorsed and supported by the employing Mint. The winning applicant will be selected on a competitive basis.



The Chairman of MDC Technical Committee will establish a Janine Murphy Foundation subcommittee (JMS). This subcommittee will prepare detailed guidelines and application materials for the proposed scholarship.

JMS will organise the competitive selection process and make a recommendation to the JMF at least 6 months before the next MDC. The JMS will consist of the following:

  • Secretary General of MDC
  • MDC Technical Committee Chair
  • MDC Marketing Committee Chair

JMF will make the final decision at least 3 months before the MDC. The Secretary General of MDC will inform the successful applicant and the relevant Mint (in confidence) at least six weeks before the MDC.


Inquiries and applications are to be submitted to the Secretary-General at mint.industry@ramint.gov.au