The Mint Industry

The Mint Industry has about 41 Sovereign Member Mints and includes over 50 associate member companies that provide a wide range of goods and services to the Mint Industry. The Mint Industry works collaboratively with Member Mints to help promote the development and prolonged use of coinage within their nations and to ensure the maximised returns to their Governments and their communities.

The objectives of the members of the Mint Industry are to:

  • Exchange information on all monetary matters and related legal, economic, technical, administrative and numismatic questions of common interests.
  • Co-operate in the study and mutual solution of questions in these spheres.
  • Promote the study of and research into all coin matters including the implications of new means of payment.

As manufacturers, exporters and employers the Mint Industry contributes to millions of lives every day and supply the coins that are crucial to the daily transactions that underpin life, as well as making beautifully crafted collector coins.

World Map of Mints